Best Home Laser Hair Removal [2019: 2020]: - Top 10 Reviews (2024)

There is no need for hiring a professional body hair removal service, right inside your house, you can do this yourself using thebesthome laser hair removal. This technology had made hair removal easier, time-saving, and cost-effective compared to hiring expert services. And the good side, it is safe to use at home when it is properly handled and managed.

Though hair laser removal has benefits but doesn’t mean, it is flawless, all these we’ve covered in this article for those looking forward to embarking on do-it-yourself removing of hair at home. Also, our analysis of the best laser hair removal at home and reviews compared various hair removing devices.

You can also take alook at some of the top-rated productsfeatured by amazon – with customer reviews as a clue to knowing what each of them stands for. Personally, ever since I tried the bestat-home laser hair removal and after, the difference was cleared and that’s something you shouldn’t overlook as a result is sure to come.

Hair can grow in any part of the body. It can appear in the face, legs, arms, underarm, body, private part, and other areas. This hair can be worrisome to some people as they have seen it unwanted and wish to get rid of them. Therefore a laser machine is a technology that emits high concentrated light into hair follicles (root) that’s attaching it to your skin and as the pigment surrounding the follicles comes in contact with the concentrated light, the hair is destroyed completely.

Although other ways are available if you intend to get rid of unwanted hair from your body, laser hair removal is safe for home use following the point below.

  • This device offers precision as it targets the hair to be removed without damaging the surrounding skin when handling properly.
  • It treats hair faster than other devices and as such, it is the best option if you want to remove hairs from a large area.
  • There is a significant permanent hair loss within a few trials, within five to six-session of applying the device.

If you have tried shaving before or use some special creams for body hair removal, you would notice these options are just temporary because the hair will start growing back after some days. This means you’ll have to start all over again on how to get them off. Besides removing hair through shaving won’t be a good idea for those that are very hairy instead a laser removal is what you should look out for.

Getting Ready For Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Even though scientists had made it easier for domestic hair removing all by yourself. Subsequently, it’s not just any kind of activity you should carry out without getting prepared.

Bear in mind that the laser hair removal technique is a medical procedure that needs to be planned and followed in order to avoid associated risks that may erupt. Therefore, a thorough finding concerning the doctor’s guidelines should be researched before purchasing a laser hair machine.

Getting started,

Given getting prepared for laser hair treatment, a concerned individual is advised to reduce waxing and plucking for 1-month and 2-weeks. This is because the device targets the hair pigment that is temporarily rid of by plucking and waxing.

Before or after treatment, you should not expose yourself to sun rays. That’s because laser hair treatment becomes ineffective and risks of complications can arise on exposure to sunlight.

How To Pick The Best Laser Hair Removal Machine

Suppose you are to choose from tons of laser that are available on the market, local stores, and online, there’re plenty of factors to put into consideration for picking the best. Each of the machines has its specific features and the one you want is relatively proportional to your demand.

Skin color: This is one of the crucial aspects that need to be checked. Your skin color actively plays a major role in determining which laser hair removal device best fits your skin tone. There are models for darker skin, olive color skin type, and also fair (light) skinned individuals. But the good news, light skin women and men can use any of the device irrespective of the skin color it is designed for. Nevertheless, don’t decide out of self-discretion, consult with a dermatologist to know which personal laser hair removal at home is good for your kind of skin color.

Hair Color: Using a home laser hair reduction system at home by those who’ve blondes can be pretty tough. This is because people with blondes, red and white hair have light pigment follicles that make it difficult for the device to pick easily and as such reduces the machine efficiency. Subsequently, most laser machines thus provide better outcomes when it comes to Gent and Lady with black or brownish hair.

Budget: Typically, a good laser removal system for home utilization costs around a hundred dollars, let’s be specific$250 – $300worth. Comparing this price to the money you’ll spend on every visit to a doctor for hair treatment, then you’ll know how much savings a do-it-by yourself treatments means. Never invest in cheap equipment because you stand the chance of damaging your skin because of quality matters and depicts effective treatment.

However buying the best laser hair removal system is not a big issue anymore, knowing your skin tone, hair color, and also the price worth, are the major considerations to finding the best one as we’ve discussed.

Reviews Of 10 Best At Home Laser Hair Removal [2019: 2020]

1. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser – Best For Women and Men

Best Home Laser Hair Removal [2019: 2020]: - Top 10 Reviews (1)

If you’re looking for both a gender hair laser device, this Tria beauty product is one to check out. This is designed for both women and men use, so as a couple you can make do with a single machine instead of investing in a separate one.

The Tria device doesn’t select skin or hair color, it is suitable for all hair and skin type. Also, can be used for face and body treatment and top of the offer, it is FDA certified as a safety device for at-home hair zapping. Worldwide, this Tria hair laser removal is widely used among dermatologists as one best skincare system because of the performance built into it.

LED Display:This features displays all the basic procedures for each treatment. Even if you’re a novice the interactive LED displays will walk you through on how you can get better treatment.

Long Battery Life:The battery that comes with Tria laser 4X last up to 30 minutes. Therefore users are a guarantee of a large area covering before the next charging.

Advanced control:Unlike IPL models, Tria 4X is equipped with precision control that let you treat different body area at a more convenient level.

Our + for this

  • Itis a unisex system
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Works on black or light brown hair
  • Guides you through various treatment levels

Our minus for this

  • It’s expensive
  • It can be hurtful for coarse hair

Check Price On Amazon

2. Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001 Intense Pulsed Light

Best Home Laser Hair Removal [2019: 2020]: - Top 10 Reviews (2)

This IPL system had been tested clinically and confirmed for hair permanent reduction. For this reason, apart from domestic use, many beauty artist or salons preferred Braun Gillette because of the effective answers it provides. And for those who are yet to know the importance of IPL technology found in a laser system, this features detect different skin tone while making sure the right light intensity level is applied during treatment – this further guarantees safe and enhances your therapy.

More so, our research on this Braun IPL 5001, made us discover this device works great on the body, face, arms, and legs including other secret parts. The amazing thing, within 8 minutes you would able to cover large body parts effectively. In addition to the findings,94%of women see an encouraging result after 12 weeks.89 %of women notice reduced hair in treated areas. This also features two-mode operation and 300,000 flashes and plugin cable

7 Reasons To Use Gillette IPL Silk-Expert At Home

  • This Gillette IPL promises permanent hair reduction in four weeks
  • The IPL technology built inside the Braun tailor’s the right light level that best matches user skin tone
  • An uninterrupted power supply as it uses main source energy
  • Clinically and Lab tested for gentle and painless treatments.
  • Braun applies the same principles just like you will receive from a professional IPL treatment salon from a home comfort zone.
  • On the market, Gillette Silk is the fastest IPL system.
  • Gillette Silk Expert is cheaper than wax or professional laser treatments and that’s making it one of the most effective home hair removal choices among the population.

Our + for this

  • Senses skin tone and apply the required light needed

Our minus for this

  • It is expensive
  • Not a rechargeable model

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3. Silk’n Flash & Go – At Home Permanent Hair Removal Device

Best Home Laser Hair Removal [2019: 2020]: - Top 10 Reviews (3)

This is yet another professional at-home hair laser from the Silk brand. While the previous product features a very significant 120,000 pulses, the Silk n Flash comes with 5,000 pulses. But that doesn’t indicate poor performance. The design favors both men’s and women’s use and ideal for treating sensitive parts like the bikini line, underarms, and other smaller zones. Additionally, the small portable unit can be used to treat the face and body inclusively.

This system has an IPL technology that targets follicle roots for everlasting disablement of future hair growth. One thing to note about this hair removal, the result may differ from one person to another. We do not recommend this Silk’n Flash for dark skin individuals.

How to use it

Step 1:clean and shave your skin. Never pluck or wax b4 treatment because this machine works better when all the do’s and don’ts are followed. More so, two weeks to treatment, avoid the use of numbing creams.

Step 2:Start treatment from low light intensity ensuring all areas are treated before moving to higher light levels.

Steps 3:Repeats procedure every 2-weeks and as from 3 to 4 treatments you start seeing results.

Beware: dark brown and dark hair are removed faster compared to brown or light brown hair because the latter hair contains more melanin.

Our + for this

  • FDA approved
  • Affordable
  • Built with IPL lights

Our minus for this

  • Not for dark complexions

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4. Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus At-Home IPL Hair System

Best Home Laser Hair Removal [2019: 2020]: - Top 10 Reviews (4)

This is another powerful laser that breaks down the hair root cycle at almost seven to ten days leaving your skin smooth and beautiful. For convenience at home utilization, Remington iLight is equipped with five power levels with a skin tone detector that lets you know if the machine is safe for your skin type. It also comes featuring 16 joules per flash for greater hair reduction in fewer seconds. Furthermore, clinically certified and FDA cleared, as such safe for self-use. Moreover, work perfectly for either women or men follicle destroying. While another zapping system has IPL, this also boasts of it, a 30,000pulses.

Who Can Use This Ilight Pro Plus

If you’ve medium to dark color hair, the Pro is what you need but won’t work on light grey or white hair. Also for lighter hair like red or blonde, it might not work, however less effective outcome. Besides, it shouldn’t be used on dark skin, dark spots, or tattoo skin.

Our + for this

  • Auto skin detector
  • For both gender use

Our minus for this

  • Not ideal for dark skin tone, light white, or lighter blonder hair.

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5. Philips Lumea IPL Removal Hair for Professional Results At Home

Best Home Laser Hair Removal [2019: 2020]: - Top 10 Reviews (5)

Philip Lumea is one of the commonest hair removal lasers in the world today and has sold over one million pieces since it was introduced into the market. This device works professionally for hair root treatment getting rid of the follicle that causes hair to regrow. One of the outstanding aspects while we prefer this unit over most of the products, the Lumea series is known for significant hair reduction just in one treatment. It has a skin tone and hair type sensor to ensure the system is suitable for you. To add to the component, 5-light intensity for the most comfortable treatment by choosing an appropriate level. This can be used for the whole body and the most sensitive areas. To mention, bikini areas, legs, stomach, armpits, and the arm as well.

Moving ahead, Philip comfort is one of the laser systems we found good for all types of skin and hair types. As for hair treatment, it works more pleasant for black, brown, and dark blond hair. Furthermore, the flash and slide working mechanism is designed for continuous application. It also features an ultraviolet filter that protects your body from UV light.

Our + for this

  • Best dark hair
  • UV protects your skin

Our minus for this

  • Costly

Check Price On Amazon

6. DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Laser System

Best Home Laser Hair Removal [2019: 2020]: - Top 10 Reviews (6)

Even though this product is a corded design but still portable enough to handle. We think is a great offer for those who love to travel and still want to make use of laser removal. The weight of the Deess is 2.2 pounds which is not too heavy to drop inside your hand, so you can make use of it everywhere you go. This comes affordable compared to other the products reviewed and yet featured up to 350,000 flashes per lamp.

Is This Suitable For You?

By now you should know that you can’t use every laser on some skin types. Following this, apart from dark skin,Deess series 3 plusis ideal for the following body color such aswhite, light-brow, Ivory, Beige, andbrown.

Hair Type:This can be applied fordarkanddark brown hairexcept for red, grey, blond, and white hair.

For the best result using this system, therapy should be done once weekly and each treatment should be repeated two-three times for the next 6 weeks.

Our + for this

  • Great offer
  • Portable design nice for travel

Our minus for this

  • It takes 6 -12 weeks duration for effectiveness.

Check Price On Amazon

7. LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device for Face & Body

Best Home Laser Hair Removal [2019: 2020]: - Top 10 Reviews (7)

This Luma at-home hair removal comes in quality design and built to offer professional therapy. Whether newbie or Pro technical, Luma RX attack follicle root while reducing hair rate in a span of 3 applications. It works seamlessly for entire body treatments. Very easy and convenient to use on the face, legs, backside, bikini-line, arms, stomach chest, etc.

No gender restriction, LumaRx Full Body professional laser IPL-Hair-Removal is designed for female and male utilization. It is equipped with a variable number of flashes which is up to 65,000 in values. It also includes four seconds flash speed for face and three seconds flash-speed for the body. Most importantly, users can cover a large area in less than 10 minutes.

More so, comes with 2 interchangeable treatment cap, for small and large contour region. This is not a rechargeable product but corded, as such required constant electricity supply. Furthermore, the comfort filter helps to block the damaging effect of UV and infrared rays on your skin. It is also important to note that the FDA cleared unit has varying results from an individual to the other. For this reason, follow the therapy plan written on the user’s manual for good results.

Our + for this

  • Safe for skin
  • For all parts of the body
  • Work best for dark hair color

Our minus for this

  • Only for light-to-medium skin tone

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8. Iluminage Touch Permanent-Hair-Reduction Device

Best Home Laser Hair Removal [2019: 2020]: - Top 10 Reviews (8)

Finding a laser for different multiple hair colors is quite difficult as most of the available products can only treat one or two breeds. So if you run a beauty shop, you are most likely to have customers of various hair breed and this may require you to get different machines for you to meet your demand. The good news, you don’t need to invest in separate lasers system because Iluminage Touch is designed for many hair color handling which includes dark hair, blond and dark blond. And that’s why it is one of the widest window treatments used globally by a dermatologist.

The follicle cavity destroyer is also the first clinically tested at home root hair removal and FDA certified to be harmless and safe for all skin-tone and types. It is also proven to fade outlines, mouth, and eyes. This is ideal for underarms, upper lips, and your bikini which most competitors can’t offer.

Please, be warned, do not use this device on breast, nipples, ears, and other sensitive areas. In addition, not idea for epilepsy patients, people with seizure problems, and severe migraine sufferer.

Our + for this

  • Skin smoothing laser
  • Convenient to use at home
  • Results after 3 or 4 treatments

Our minus for this

  • Do not use on men’s neck, face, or jaw.

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9. Gillette Venus Silk-expert 3 BD3001 Hair Reduction IPL

Best Home Laser Hair Removal [2019: 2020]: - Top 10 Reviews (9)

Because of the various body hair reducing system reviews and discussion, Gillette Venus Silk-expert is one of the lightweight and portable products for hair root cavity removing. You can virtually go anywhere or travel with because it’s weightless and most importantly convenient to carry around. The permanent hair removal features a unique IPL mode that’s gentle on skin, most especially sensitive areas and this also makes it nice for beginners who want to reduce their body hair.

Also, Gillette can read users’ skin color during treatment while regulating the right light intensity level that matches your skin, thanks to the SensoAdapt that makes this possible. However Silk Expert function better for light-medium skin tone individuals and the best ondark brown, dark, or natural blond hair. This may not give good results for the white, grey, red, or dark brown type of hair. Additional features include extending several flashes and 10 energy levels while on normal mode.

Our + for this

  • Nice for travels
  • Fast result
  • For natural blond, dark or black hair.

Our minus for this

  • Firstly, it is costly
  • Not for all hair color, you can see the chart below as a guide

Check Price On Amazon

10. BoSidin Facial & Body Painless Hair System for Women & Men

Best Home Laser Hair Removal [2019: 2020]: - Top 10 Reviews (10)

The clinic test confirms BoSidin as a fast and permanent hair reducing device up to 93%. In the span of 3 used on an actual part, this gives wonderful results said according to some of the customer’s reviews sampled by us when putting this article together. One of the distinctive features is an Advanced ICE technology which helps cool the area you’re treating down. Aside from that, Bosidin is great for facial or whole body utilization by men and women of hairy origin.

The UV (ultraviolet) light protects the skin from harm while the contact skin sensor prevents light leakage from emitting out. As tested products, under 15 minutes, you’ll able to achieve whole-body treatment, it doesn’t matter how hairy you are. It also features 5 adjustable light energy options and also 450,000 flashes, all for effective treatment.

Our + for this

  • The energy level can be adjusted to a suitable level
  • For natural blond, dark and brown hair
  • Nice for white to dark brown skin tones &
  • Has a filter that protect the light from damaging your skin

Our minus for this

  • Not for grey/white light or red hair and also shouldn’t be used for very dark skin

Check Price On Amazon

How Does Laser Device Remove Hair

This technology is built as a handheld robot that uses light to target the hair pigment. The light, therefore, ascends into the person’s hair follicles while the heat coming out from the laser destroys the follicles, and thus hair won’t be able to grow in that spot again.

Take note, in most people, the result may not be instantaneous, repeated sessions should be done betweenTwo-to-Threemonth intervals that need to be followed to achieve an effective treatment.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent

Hair follicle destroyed by a laser removal is permanently but sometimes, some may see regrowth in the target region. Hair regrowth may happen due to various factors such as the type of hair that regrows and also the expertise of the person involved.

Another reason for the reappearance of hair is when the follicle is damaged. Invariable means the pigment is not destroyed entirely, therefore resulting in future hair growth.

Nevertheless, the hair that will be formed won’t be as thick compared to the former while a mild treatment again should eliminate them.

It is also possible to adopt other alternative methods like plucking when the hair is too short or light to treat with a laser.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last

Once the hair sac (follicle) is destroyed, there is no more formation of hair, but when a follicle is damaged, the hair will show up again. However, the time it would take to regrow rely on the individual hair growth formation cycle.

In order words,Mr. A’shair growth cycle may take X-time whileMr. Bmay takeY duration, so it’s independent of one person to another. It is more important knowing that hair in the resting phase grows slower than hair in other phases.

If you’ve applied a laser before and after a month plus you keep seeing hair then trying alternative treatments as a removal option is welcomed.

Does Your Skin Or Hair Color Makes Any Difference

The skin and color of one’s hair make a difference when it comes to using a laser to remove hair from the body. Matter of fact, laser works best on light (fair) complexions people who have darker hair – this is bcos, a contrast of the pigment in these individuals makes the laser removal to target the hair cavity easily to destroy the follicle.

Nevertheless, a laser removal also works for dark skin and light hair people but they may require more treatment sessions, and often, you may discover growing back. Somestudies claimlaser that produces lengthy wavelength are the best for dark skin treatment.

To permanently remove hair is to destroy the root cavity which is the follicle. And a good technician should able to know the right type of laser to use and also be able to target the hair for it not to grow back.

Risks and side effects

Experiences such as burning, stinging, and general discomfort are common problems recorded by users of laser machines. Since complaints are significant, some doctors, therefore, use a numb cream for their patients before treatment which is also applicable to home laser users. While the cream may not have any effect on some individuals, others may experience skin irritation or reaction. Below are the major side effect, people encounter during and after treatment:

  • Blistering of the skin
  • The skin turning reddish
  • Damaged skin can be infected
  • Changes in skin color which is notable among those with dark skin but no worry – its temporary occurrence.

Like we said earlier, anyone who is thinking of laser hair treatment at home should follow a doctor or right procedure to avoid damaging the skin.

What Is The Cost Of Laser Hair Removal?

American society of surgeonspublished in 2017 that the cost of hair removal per session is estimated to be $293. Surprisingly, one session may not yield results in some people, as such consulting your health technician can help you determine the number of sessions and costs that may be involved.

Before leaving, check our best 7 led light therapy discussion here

Wrapping It Up

We’ve looked at the various best home laser hair removal with reviews and other aspects of what makes up a good laser hair removal system. Therefore, reading this post may help you find good hair laser removal for home use. Ensure you check each product’s detail to avoid wrong decisions and choices knowing-fully that your breed of hair and skin color one important aspect to consider when buying a laser device.

Best Home Laser Hair Removal [2019: 2020]: - Top 10 Reviews (2024)


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